The Empress Theatre Foundation is calling on NDG residents to write to the Mayor in support of efforts to bring the building back to life.

Here are several ways you can help:

Write a letter to the Mayor

Click here to use our sample letter (available in PDF format)

Mail your letter to:

Att: Mr. Russell Copeman, Mayor
5160, boulevard Décarie
Montréal (Québec) H3X 2H9

Make some noise on social media

Let everyone know that you want to protect the Empress Theatre. Use the hashtag #ourNDGheritagematters to voice your opinion and encourage others to support the project.

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Write an email to the Mayor

If you would like to submit your note via email, copy the text here and paste it in the message box on the borough’s contact page:

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Leave a comment

If you only have a moment to show your support, leave a short comment in the box below. We’ll gather them and submit them to the city’s elected officials to show them the community wants this project to happen!


Please share with your friends! We need your support!

You can make a difference

Our project will provide major economic, cultural and social benefits for all residents of NDG.

Help support this project; your contribution will allow:

  • job creation; direct and indirect economic stimulus
  • the improvement of our neighbourhood’s quality of life
  • intercultural and inter-generational exchange
  • better access to our own province’s arts and culture
  • the protection and promotion of an important landmark, and the preservation of our shared heritage
  • the maintenance and development of high-quality cultural and performance venues