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Att: Mr. Russell Copeman, Mayor
5160, boulevard Décarie
Montréal (Québec) H3X 2H9


Dear Mayor Copeman,

I am writing to you today to urge you to reconsider creating a new agreement for the Empress Theatre on Sherbrooke Street West as requested by the Empress Theatre Foundation.

It is my understanding that granting a new agreement to the organization is taking quite some time. This leaves this beautiful heritage building at risk for further vandalism, fire and decay.

As a taxpayer, I expect the borough to protect our heritage buildings. The Empress is currently not adequately maintained by the City and continues to deteriorate, day by day. The borough is not taking responsibility to protect our heritage buildings and I am disappointed that your administration does not consider the situation to be a priority.

I have confidence in the Empress Theatre Foundation and their project to revitalize and renovate this unique property. I ask that you and your team work with the organization to find a suitable arrangement quickly so that the building can be donated to the Foundation and work can begin in 2017.

Respectfully yours,